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Company news

The Application of Barite (Barium Sulfate) in Ten Industries

    1 Petroleum Industry: Barite powder (200 mesh or 325 mesh) is used as drilling mud additive in oil and gas field. 
    2 Chemical Industry: In barium salt factories, barite is used as raw material to produce lithopone,
precipitated barium sulfate and barium carbonate
    3 Paint and Coating Industry: It can be used as filler for paint and coating to replace barium sulfate, lithopone, titanium dioxide, active silica, and other expensive raw materials. Barite is suitable to control the viscosity of paint, which makes products bright and stable. 
   4 Plastic Industry: It can be used as filler for ABS plastics, make products bright and shiny and improve product strength, stiffness and wear resistance at the same time. 
    5 Rubber Industry: Barites, which are less than 500 mesh, can be widely used as rubber fillers, reduce costs, improve product hardness, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, and have good reinforcing effect on natural rubber and synthetic rubber. 
    6 Paper Industry: High fineness barite powder can be used as filler for white board, copperplate paper and coating to improve the whiteness and surface coverage. Product specification: 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 1500 mesh, 2000 mesh, 2500 mesh, 3000 mesh, 4000 mesh, 5000 mesh, 6000 mesh. 
    7 Cement Industry: Barite, fluorite, gypsum and other composite mineralizers. 
    8 Glass Industry: It can be used as a deoxidizing agent, clarifying agent, fluxing agent and can increase glass optical stability, luster and strength. 
    9 Building Industry: It also can be used as concrete aggregate, paving material and buried pipelines in weight swamp regions. Barites are used in nuclear facilities, atomic energy plants and X-ray lab shielding instead of tinplate, and used to lengthen the pavement life. 
    10 Other Industries: Barite powder can also be used as high-quality filler in the ceramic industry. 

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