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Company news

30th CHINAPLAS Gloriously Opens

2016/04/25  CHINAPLAS

     CHINAPLAS 2016 begins today, which means the 30th ceremony opens in the Shanghai New International Expo Center with a four consecutive days (April 25-28). Highlights of the exhibition can be seen everywhere. Both exhibits and suporting activities focus on innovation, automation and environmental technology that run through different application industries and each procedure of product life cycle. World famous material and equipment suppliers bring trump cards and world's leading solutions to join the 30th CHINAPLAS.

     New logo, new mileage and new trend

    The 30th milestone has great significance for CHINAPLAS. The logo carefully designed by assembly fully demonstrates the vision and aspiration of the exhibition. The logo is made of Arabic numerals—30 and three different circles. These circles which vary from incomplete to complete, from small to large, from bottom to top reflect CHINAPLAS gradually increasing scale, CHINAPLAS presenting new elements to exhibitors and audience each year, driving rubber and plastic industry towards successful and sustainable development, endlessness, becoming industry benchmark and bringing forward looking and creative inspiration to industry.


    Scale expands in adversity and industry sector extends continuously.

    Liang Yaqi said, “CHINAPLAS get into rubber industry for more than 30 years and has the largest scale in Asia. Although world suffers economic downturn, this exhibition area is still more than 240, 000 square meters. The number of exhibitors ranks first in all previous sessions and reaches more than 3300. Compared with the last economic recession year—2008, the exhibiton area increases by nearly 80%, which reflects CHINAPLAS and plastic industry have made several amazing “counterattacks” and expand the scale year by year.”

   The exhibitors are Chinese and foreign giants in the field of raw material and rubber machinery, which demonstrates the decisive position of CHINAPLAS in the international exhibition industry. At the same time, the audiences are no longer confined to plastic product manufacturers, but now extend to different industrial areas, including automobile, packaging, electronic information, electric appliance, construction, medical treatment, toys, etc.

    Customer demand oriented, forward-looking development planning

    With the continuous change of consumer demands, industry ecological environment and other factors, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry are imperative like an arrow on the bowstring. CHINAPLAS has developed as a customer-demand-oriented exhibition. The gathered popular materials and technologies at the spot cater to current demands and future developing direction of plastic and downstream industries, such as automobile lightweight, food safety, green package, low-carbon building, electronics lightening and thinning, etc. There are numerous application industries for plastics. Although materials and machineries used by different industries are different, Industry 4.0, Intelligent Manufacturing, Internet Plus and others must be hot topics in each industry and are prospective development strategy for some companies. Therefore, the assembly and VDMA will hold a two-day (April 26-27) “Industry 4.0 forum” which will focus on intelligent manufacturing implement scheme, discuss intelligent factory and bring opportunities to manufacturers’ transformation and upgrading with German technology.

    Focus on innovative elements to drive sustainable development

   CHINAPLAS has stand up in the storm for many years and broke record after record. The key is the new elements in each session which enables the exhibition to develop sustainably. Theme zone is always one of the characteristics of CHINAPLAS. Among the 16 major theme zones established in this session, “automation science and technology zone” and “composite and special material zone” are set up in Shanghai CHINAPLAS for the first time, while “recycling technology zone” makes its debut in exhibitions. Exhibits go through every link of recovery chain such as sorting, shredding, washing, dewatering, drying, granulation, etc. The new zone establishment aims at responsing to the demands of industry automation, green environmental protection, transformation and upgrading.

    If recycling represents the end point as well as a new starting point in product life cycle, then design is the energy which pushes the promotion of products. Constant innovation of plastic science and technology gives more room to designers to play, to achieve excellent product design, to bring completely new product experience for consumers and even create higher product value. CHINAPLAS and global chemical giant BASF work together again, carry out activities—“X innovative design” during the exhibition and stimulate industry creative thinking by displaying innovative and sustainable developing solutions applied in different industries, holding public forums, dialoguing with designers and other forms.

   Organizers inject new elements to the exhibition area and activities while many exhibitors also take advantage of this event to launch their new technologies. Assembly revealed that this year there are more than 40 technology exhibitions firstly published in Asia or global.

   Liang Yaqi points out that the common points of these technologies are closely linked to practical requirements of manufacturing enterprises to transformation and upgrading, including innovation, automation, accuracy, safety, high effeciency, energy saving and cost reduction. Thus, promote product versatility and additional value, create high efficiency, take part in global competition and help the sustainable development of enterprise. Annual CHINAPLAS is not only the stage for industries to compare and learn technologies but also the spring of inspiration for product developers, technicians and designers to find innovation.

    Pay attention to plastic application industries and carry out targeted activities in turns

    CHINAPLAS success relies on the vigorous development of downstream industries. Assembly held several exchange activities extended to application industries to ensure that insiders know industry needs and future development more deeply. These activities include “Second Medical Plastics Forum”, “The Future Development Trend of Consumer Electronics Technology Forum”, “The Interpretation of Automobile Industry’s New Demands for Plastic Application”, etc.

     Build a better future by plastics and open a new age chapter

   Times are changing but innovation remains. World soaring middle-class consumers have persistent pursuit of quality and convenience life, which increases the needs for high performance and personalized products, forms the trend of small batch and multispecies and greatly shorten product life cycle and development period. The constantly changing consumers' demands promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Exhibition development is formed by the concerns of global economy, industry and sociaty as well as consumers' demands. In the future, CHINAPLAS will continue to seize opportunities in the changing environment, lead the industry to meet the changes of the times and create a better future by “plastics”.

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