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Company news

The Characteristics and Application of Precipitated Barium Sulfate

2016/04/21  bmschem

     Domestic and foreign advanced production technology and pure physical and chemical processing methods have been used in the superfine processing of selected barite to produce precipitated barium sulfate which has several special functions as follows:

      1 High purity and less impurity;

      2 Narrow particle size distribution; average particle size (D50): about 0.35-0.4μm;

      3 Excellent gloss, whiteness and weather resistance; excellent dispersity by special organic surface treatment;

    4 As pigment filler, it can improve pigment dispersing performance and use efficiency. Adding high ratio barium sulfate in titanium dioxide can significantly improve product gloss without changing the hiding power.

      Recommended uses:

      Precipitated barium sulfate is widely used in plastic, coating, printing ink and other industries. When filled in transparent PE film, high gloss PP, color masterbatch, transparent masterbatch, etc, it has particularly obvious effect.

      Precipitated barium sulfate dedicated to PVC profile

     Structure and characteristics: Microcrystalline barium sulfate by chemical synthesis has a particle size (D50) of 0.35um to 0.4um. It has stable chemical property, no physiological toxicity, insolubility in water and any organic solvent, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, electrical insulation and UV shielding.

     Product application: Barium sulfate specially designed for PVC profile can replace part of titanium dioxide. As PVC reinforcing filler, it can limitedly change PVC production and processing and reduce the cost.

      Features and benefits:

     1 It has good space isolation capability with titanium dioxide and PVC particles when mixed with titanium dioxide powder at a certain ratio. With good particle size distribution and dispersion, it forms peak valley in profiles and reduces electrostatic.

      2 Its good dispersity, narrow particle size distribution, good affinity with PVC and titanium dioxide particles and easy blending eliminates optical flocculation generated in extrusion process, improves surface finish, makes the visible surface of profile smooth with uniform color, brings neat end face and reduce the trace of shrinking caused by unevenness and processing technic; It enhances toughness and is suitable for rolling with shock resistance, ageing resistance and invariant color.

      3 Efficient thermal stability (chemical change occurs above 1580℃) reduces the rate of size change after profile being heated and enhances the stress. With good weather resistance, it can be widely used in the application field of high light and high weather-resistance materials.

      Processing requirement: Add it into PVC after well mixed with titanium dioxide at a certain ratio. 

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