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Company news

The Advantage of Ultrafine Barium Sulfate Used in Mill Base

2016/3/10  bmschem

    Ultrafine barium sulfate is completely suitable for masterbatch production industry with its high purity, fine granularity and low oil absorption value. Its effect is especially obvious in transparent PE film, high light PP, color matching masterbatch, transparent masterbatch and so on. It has high whiteness, good purity, soft color, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and stable chemical composition (inert to acid). Adding high ratio ultrafine barium sulfate will not change proper product performance.

    The advantages of ultrafine barium sulfate used in mill base are as follows:

    1 Maximum gloss: Mill base modified by this product has high gloss and rheological properties even at higher concentrations.

    2 Reducing solvent content: It can increase solid content of mill base, which greatly reduces solvent dosage. The extremely low specific surface area has little impact on viscosity, so it also can reduce VOC.

   3 Higher cost performance: Most of pigments are easy to form aggregates which will weaken the tinting strength of pigment. Whether it is water-based colorant, solvent-based colorant or universal colorant, this product will significantly improve the cost-effectiveness.

   4 Shortening grinding time: Using this product in colorant preparation can not only save raw materials, but also shorten the grinding time. The time to achieve fixed tinting strength is greatly reduced. 

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